Augered Piling

What is Augered/Drilled Piling?

Auger/drilled piles are a method of piling used when the ground conditions are such that a steel cased driven pile would be unsuitable. We predominantly install these auger piles into clays/rock. The mini piling rig bores into the ground and on retraction of the auger, the bore is filled with concrete/cementitious grout and reinforcement, forming the augered pile. 

Auger piles cause minimal disturbance and can be used for noise-sensitive sites. Auger piles are not generally suited for use in contaminated soils, because of expensive waste disposal costs. 

Auger piles | Extensions | Optima Foundations
Auger Piles | Optima Foundations

How we can help

Our piling equipment includes rigs which can also be adapted to install rotary percussive drilled piles. This system can form sockets into hard/rock ground which would generally prevent an auger from penetrating. This system is also particularly usefulful to predrill pile positions through obstructions within the upper layers of ground.

Our drilling piling rigs have been manufactured to suit our individual requirements and are particularly suited for working inside existing properties and restricted access site. 

Our fleet of smaller piling rigs can even fit through a standard doorway and operate in low headroom situations.


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