Steel Cased Piling

What is a Steel Cased Pile?

A Steel Cased Driven pile consists of a manufactured steel tube which is driven through soft/unstable ground until competent load bearing strata is reached. Once installed, the tubes are then completely filled with concrete and reinforced steel to offer connection to the reinforced foundations, which are cast on top.

This type of pile can be used in all markets from underpinning domestic dwellings to new foundations for commercial premises. Our estimating engineers are able to provide you with the most efficient steel cased piling service possible

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Advantages of Steel Piles

The advantages of steel piles can be summarised as follows:

  • Small lightweight equipment – Our piling rigs are typically less than 3.50T in weight.
  • Minimal site preparation would be required.  Assuming the ground is level, firm and free draining there may not be any requirement for a piling mat.
  • The pile casings which are factory manufactured and are typically delivered to site in 2.00m sections, which can be manually handled to the pile positions.
  • The piling rigs are capable of working in limited headroom and have ability to work in restricted access areas.
  • There is no spoil to be removed from site, which is a particular advantage when working on contaminated sites.
  • Due to the low noise and vibration of the pile installation this system is ideally suited to sensitive sites.

How we can help

Optima foundations offer a range of piling systems ranging from 150mm diameter through to 323mm diameter using drop hammer rigs or Grundomat piling machines.

Our range of rigs are specifically designed to work within restricted access and headroom situations. A large proportion of our rigs will pass through a standard doorway.

Most of our rigs can be delivered to site on a 7.5ton restricted access lorry.

Below is a guide of the pile diameter we can install with approximate working load capacities.

  • 150mm diameter SWL 100kN
  • 220mm diameter SWL 300kN
  • 273mm diameter SWL 350kN
  • 323mm diameter SWL 400kN

So, if you are interested in our steel cased piling foundation service and are in need of driven steel piles, then make sure to get in touch with Optima Foundations today.


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